Heart campaign debunks The Clutch

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Barnes Catmur & Friends have crafted a novel approach in its new Heart Foundation campaign, which aims to alert people to the real symptoms of a heart attack, and to advise victims to seek immediate help.

The foundation launched the campaign on the back of increasing evidence that victims take too long to seek medical attention when they suffer a heart attack. In many cases, they mistake their discomfort for something less life-threatening, and don’t realise their predicament until it’s too late.

People generally believe heart attacks are obvious, with victims clawing at their chest Hollywood-style and choking. The Heart Foundation seeks to demonstrate that a heart attack is not always as dramatic as many think, and that a phone call to 111 is urgently needed.


Client: The Heart Foundation
Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
ECD: Paul Catmur
Creatives: Katyana O’Neill, Renee Warner
Agency Producer: Shayna Stalker
Account Manager: Kate Antjoule
Production: Flying Fish
Director: James Solomon
Producer: Leela Menon
DoP: Alexander Robert Jenkins
Sound Studio: Big Pop Studios
Editing Company: Mandy VFX

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