Hello & Friends tackle breast cancer

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AUCKLAND, Today: Local indie Hello has helped launched a new Breast Cancer Cure campaign – with a little help from friends at NZME, MediaWorks, Go Media, JCDecaux, Lumo, QMS, Bekon, Stuff, School Road Publishing, Mindfood, and Shout “and many others”.

All of the above donated inventory throughout October for ForThe Want campaign, to drive donations across Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hello GM Ngaio McCreadie said: “The creative is based on the 13th century proverb For the Want of a Nail, with numerous variations spanning several centuries, reminding people that seemingly unimportant acts can have grave and unforeseen consequences.

“660 bespoke executions have been developed, all with different pantones of skin colour, reflecting the number of women lost to breast cancer every year. Each one personal. Each a subtle nod to the stark reality.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work and truly humbled by the generosity shown by our media partners.”

Breast Cancer Cure ceo Phillipa Green said: “Breast cancer takes two of our nation’s women every day or on average 660 women every year.

“Our ambition is to ensure the next generation can look forward to a future free of the fear of breast cancer, and we must continually shine a spotlight on the need for more donations to fund critical research.”

The donation funnel froze overnight as a direct result of Covid-19 and there are currently 12 research projects awaiting funding in New Zealand.

McCreadie: “It seems people simply aren’t grasping that donations are the difference between women living and dying. This idea delivers that message by twisting a well-known proverb in a poignant and provoking way.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work and truly humbled by the generosity shown by our media partners.”


Client: Breast Cancer Cure
MD: Phillipa Green
Marketing Manager: Janna Alexander

Agency: Hello
CD: Damon O’Leary
CD: Gilda Kirkpatrick
Creative: David Amann
Creative: Guy Trengrove
Design: Charles Bloomfield
Design: Jason Saunders
GM: Ngaio Pardon
Account Manager: Nick Polhill – Account Manager, Hello
MD: Jason Theodore

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