The Herald launches ethical products shopping site

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NZME. has launched a one stop e-commerce solution for ethical shoppers called Shop Green that aims to supersize the way producers of sustainable, ethical and healthy products do business.

NZME. is the combined group brand for APN, TRN and GrabOne.

NZME. Director of eCommerce & New Ventures Richard Harrison says Shop Green is an innovation whose time has come for eco- businesses that traditionally struggle with limited marketing resources and narrow advertising opportunities.

“We’ve already had an overwhelmingly positive response from accredited green businesses who will now be able to take advantage of NZME.’s multi- media assets,” Harrison said. “Through Shop Green they’ll be connecting with many more engaged customers in a targeted and convenient way.

“Consumers have been calling out for this for a very long time,” he believes. “It will make it really easy for them to discover a world of sustainable products and services that satisfy their ethical standards and then at the click of a finger they can access them.”

Harrison says NZME. wants to build relationships with Shop Green advertisers to develop cohesive strategies for them that will significantly increase their ability to reach their target audience.

Advertisers will have exposure through the New Zealand Herald and the Herald’s inserted sustainability magazine Element, in addition to a home on which is supported by the Grab One e-commerce platform and its database of 1.4 million users.

The editorial team of Element magazine is behind the Shop Green concept, and editor James Russell says the platform has been created for their audience, for their advertisers and for the many businesses that feature in the magazine.

“This is game-changing,” he says. “Shop Green will bring these amazing businesses to a much wider market. New Zealand and the world needs these companies to go big, to be hugely successful so they can replace the alternatives which are damaging to the environment. This demonstrates the way

business can and must be done in future.”

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