NZ Herald joins World Vision on Ukraine appeal

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AUCKLAND, Today: The New Zealand Herald and World Vision are partnering on a campaign to raise money for the millions of families impacted by the ongoing events in Ukraine.

NZME comms GM Kelly Gunn told M+AD: “No ad agencies were involved – it’s an editorial partnership between the NZ Herald and World Vision.”

“The campaign will give our audiences insights into the human stories behind the catastrophic events in Ukraine, providing them with the opportunity to respond and help.

“Over the next four days, former Australian television reporter and World Vision Emergency Communications specialist Brianna Piazza, will deliver exclusive coverage across the NZ Herald and from the Ukraine-Romania border.

“NZME managing editor Shayne Currie says the appeal is focused on raising as much money as possible to support the millions of people who have fled Ukraine desperately seeking refuge, in many cases losing their homes and possessions.

“The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking and the need for urgent support is critical.

“Hundreds of thousands of women and children have been separated from husbands and fathers who remain in Ukraine defending their homeland. Families are crossing the border into Romania, Poland and Moldova with virtually nothing in their possession and often with nowhere safe to go.

“We must not turn away.”

“Through Brianna’s reports, NZ Herald audiences will be able to have a deep and true understanding of the Ukrainian crisis through the eyes of these families. We are determined to do whatever we can to support the World Vision Ukraine Crisis Appeal, using our digital and print platforms to reach more than 2.2 million Kiwis.”

World Vision NZ national director Grant Bayldon said: “As the devastating conflict in Ukraine grows by the day, we are proud to be partnering with The New Zealand Herald to share the heartbreaking and courageous stories of some of the women and children who are caught up in the conflict.

“They are experiencing things that no one should ever have to – their homes being bombed, being forced to leave family members behind as they flee to safety. Their lives have changed in an instant, and many of them have been left with only the clothes on their backs.

“Whenever I meet with people hit by crises, no matter where they are in the world, what matters to them most is exactly what I think would matter most to you or I – that they can keep their families sheltered, healthy and safe.

“And that is what World Vision is doing for thousands of refugees who are fleeing for their lives.

“We are right there, providing food, water, shelter and emotional support to children and their families affected by the conflict.

“We must not turn away. Please act now to support children and their families whose lives have been torn apart.”

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