Hi-tech hydroponic garden walls LED breathe life into downtown

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Lumo Digital Outdoor has launched the country’s first hybrid LED screen development which included a $50,000 wall of living foliage. The garden wall covers an area of 33 square metres and contains over 1800 plants. The green wall panels were grown off-site in a leading-edge glasshouse facility to ensure that it was full and healthy upon installation.

The new foliage immediately covered up a bland concrete block wall and is giving locals and commuters a lovely piece of (vertical) garden to admire.

Ryan McQuerry from OutsideIn, creator and installer of Lumo’s foliage wall, said: “Living walls are a creative solution to greening up an urban environment where conventional ground space, typically used for gardens, is becoming more scarce in growing cities.

“You can fit a high number of plants on a living wall, which goes a long way to improving air quality due to the sheer volume of plants each filtering the air.,” he said.

“Not only do they create a beautiful piece of art to look at but they also improve our environment and combat pollution.”

OutsideIn has delivered on Lumo’s brief to create and install a premium quality, high-tech garden wall in conjunction with its new digital billboard. The growing medium is all soil-less with the plants growing in a panel of rock fibre instead of soil.

“The growing medium is all soil-less with the plants growing in a panel of rock fibre instead of soil.”

“The plants’ water and nutrient needs are all carefully monitored through a smart computer system that utilises Lumo’s wifi network to connect and send notifications advising on plant health, nutrition levels, water condition, essentially ensuring that they always have a finger on the pulse of the plants health.

“I have been really impressed by Lumo; that they have the social conscience to give back to our city with this green wall as a part of growing their business. I think this is the way of the future to see companies take the initiative to give back to the surrounding community as a natural part of their businesses.”

Lumo ceo Phil Clemas said: “Beautiful plants add real vibrancy and colour to busy commercial environments.

“This is great example of Lumo’s attitude to designing digital billboard installations. We are genuinely trying to do our little bit to improve the look and feel of the city landscape by taking a deliberate bespoke approach to each development opportunity.

“Our thinking is if our smart billboards look great, integrate better to the characteristics of the property each is located and travellers enjoy seeing them, then that’ll be good for all involved.”

About Lumo
Lumo is a New Zealand owned and operated specialist digital outdoor media business established to disrupt the existing model and help inspire greater creativity in the digital outdoor space. Lumo may be the young upstart but their focus is clear – quality locations, quality technology, quality partnerships.

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