¡Hola! Kids in focus at El Chupete

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“Here you have El Chupete´s 2015 creativity campaign,” writes Álvaro Bordas, reaching out to New Zealand from Madrid agency Fairweather SSBA, and introducing new print ads for the 2015 International Kids Communication Festival, El Chupete.

The festival will be held on July 8 & 9 at the Callao City Lights cinema in Madrid, under the title: CREATIVITY, kids and youngsters. (Unfortunately, this news reached M+AD after the entry deadline.)

The idea, concept and advertising campaign was created, designed and produced by Fairweather, and launched to the global market by prominent Spanish admen Luis Perez Solero & Mariano Duhalde, jointly with their partners WWP agency Soho Square Buenos Aires, led by Gustavo Reyes.

“School kills children’s creativity,” said renowned English educationalist Sir Ken Robinson, an advisor to the festival. “At El Chupete we will discuss some examples that empower, encourage and take care of creativity.

“El Chupete 2015’s congress will discuss children’s creativity as the cradle of creativity, its origin and where it resides in its most pure state – in other words, the place where creativity is born.”

Rodrigo Ron, general manager of El Chupete, said: “We are all born being creative but as we grow, only a few of us are capable to conserve and enhance that creativity. Children’s creativity is a very valuable asset, it is not something vain. It is something that can, without a doubt, make improve our society and its future. That is why the time has come for us to claim its importance, to take care of it and support all the projects that will empower it from different areas.

“Imagination is one of the most valuable childhood treasures. Promoting the development of children’s creativity is essential for them. This remarkable capacity that we tend to relate to kids, helps them express themselves, develop their abstract thinking, and will also be essential when solving their problems and interacting with others.

“At El Chupete 2015 we will approach CREATIVITY in kids and youngsters from different areas like: television, films, advertising, the digital world, literature, radio, music, education, art, family, adversity. We will gather, as every year, the best professionals to talk about this matter.”

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