Holy meatrimony, what’s going on at Pak’n Save? 

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FCB delivered the creative and media strategy for a Pak’n Save campaign that celebrates the “low-cost union of delicious turf and surf in the tasty state of meatrimony.

The PR around the campaign was engineered by the supermarket chain’s in-house PR team.

“This campaign is a true creative and media feast with every channel possible used to tease the taste buds from Tinder (swipe right, people) to radio, extensive and exclusive wedding coverage in Woman’s Day, TV, personalised celebrity PR, digital, social and in-store POS. Scroll down to view the TVC.

“By all accounts Turf’s stag do was a juicy night,” wrote the PR team. “You can get the lowdown on that from the integration with The Edge’s Scandal show, while opinion leaders the length of NZ have been treated to a selection of mouth-watering recipes and a Pak’n Save gift card thanks to Stickman, so they can try ‘em all out.”

Foodstuffs head of retail marketing Stephanie Pyne said: “There was barely a dry eye in the house when we cooked up this little union. Pak’n Save has wanted to get meat and seafood together for absolutely ages. It’s a match made in heaven; delicious meatrimony, if you will.”

The campaign kicks off nationwide this Monday (27 February) and runs for one week.

FCB: Peter Vegas, Leisa Wall, Krystel Houghton, Shannen Rogers, Moniqua Frear, Gaby Johns, Stacey Hay, Steph Pearson
Foodstuffs team: Stephanie Pyne, Lauren Ness, Sue Hamilton

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