Out of the Mouths of Babes

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AUCKLAND, Today: With New Zealand now in Level 2, many parents are returning to employment in their normal place of work. After many weeks of sharing the kitchen table with the children in their house, NSPR took this unique opportunity to see what their children think they do all day. 

MD Niki Schuck said: “We thought it would be a fun exercise to also know if their children had any advice on what their parents could do better and to see whether lockdown has inspired them to follow in their parent’s footsteps.”

The agency approached some of their clients, and a handful of people working in media, with the option of either submitting written answers or videoing their answers to set questions.

And the results?
“Turns out from a child’s perspective, regardless of age, spending time talking and on a laptop is what consumes daily work, and they certainly were not shy when it came to giving advice,” Schuk said.

“Typing and talking too loudly were common areas to improve on and not using the internet so much to enable them to game online was another helpful tip! As was not being in their PJs so much! 

“My personal favourites are Jason Reeves’ son Max, aged seven, who suggested that Jase could help more people who listen to the radio by talking to them more, because some of them might be lonely.

“Bless! I also loved the advice that Graham Richie’s daughter Scarlett, aged 14, gives him, ‘Get more young people’s opinions – teenagers know a lot more than you realise’. It’s priceless, as is their photo together.”

“I feel a great sense of joy at how much sass the younger generation has.”

“It’s been a huge amount of fun producing this,” said Kate Barron, NSPR’s other director.

“Our clients have told us it has resulted in some hilarious dinner-time banter. Even those with older children were keen to get involved, although House of Travel’s Brent Thomas is probably regretting asking his 26-year-old son, Nick for his comments.

“Nick thinks his father gets Sunday between 1am and 4am off; I’m sure there’s a compliment in there somewhere about how hard Brent works!

“And those Van de Elzen girls are sure going to keep Mike on his toes once they are teenagers. I feel a great sense of joy at how much sass the younger generation has.”

This video is a summary of some of those discussions, with the written answers and photos available (scroll down for the link).


  • Michael Van de Elzen and his daughters Hazel and Ivy
  • Jase Reeves – Host of Coast Breakfast with sons Max and Olly
  • Pablo Kraus – Managing Director ecostore with son Lucien and daughter Claudia
  • Heather Saunderson – CEO Keep NZ Beautiful and her daughter Maddie and son Kris
  • Brent Thomas – Commercial Director, House of Travel with son Nick
  • Jenine Colmore-Williams CEO Dimension GRC with her daughter Isabella and son Logan
  • Phil Clemas – CEO Lumo Digital with son Ethan and daughters Grace and Poppy
  • Graham Ritchie – CEO Rutherford, with daughter Scarlett
  • Bruce Gourley – Head of Brand Experience Stanley St and his son Brodie
  • Miri Alexander – premium content editor NZ Herald with son Harry
  • Nadia Tolich – head of content development, NZME with daughter Violet and son George
  • Susan Edmunds – business editor Stuff and her son Liam
  • Robyn Brugh – PR consultant NSPR with her daughter Sophia, son Toby and Fudge the dog
  • Video Editing: Shannah Gibson
  • Original Idea: Anna Schuck
  • View all the Q+A’s here

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