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AUCKLAND, Today: For many Kiwi families living in poverty, accessing enough food to feed the family is a daily challenge. Last month, DDB NZ teamed up with KidsCan to create a confronting campaign that gives the audience a heartbreaking glimpse into the reality of many New Zealanders’ scrambling to put food on the table.

These ads, created with Exit Films, are very powerful. Do check them out (scroll down),

“In the weeks since the campaign launch, the need to support Kiwi kids in struggling families has become much, much greater,” says KidsCan founder/ceo Julie Chapman.

Through a series of 45” spots, DDB New Zealand uses a handful of renowned Kiwi chefs – including Nadia Lim, Peter Gordon, Allyson Gofton and Michael Van de Elzen – who in their own cooking-show-style prepare what at first seems to be a healthy signature meal. 

The upbeat energy of the tvc comes to an abrupt holt as the meal in preparation is revealed, a sombre dish based on true stories from Kiwi families and children living in hardship. 

“Red Soup is the leftover water that cheerios have been boiled in.”

Julie Chapman says all Kiwi kids deserve to have a proper nutritious meal, however this is not the reality for many families living below the poverty line – now more than ever.

“This campaign represents the growing number of parents struggling day-to-day trying to provide for their families.

“Through donations, KidsCan is currently feeding over 34,000 children but as we see more Kiwis losing work due to Covid-19, there has been an overwhelming increase in need. We can only make a difference in these children’s life with the support of kind Kiwis.”

The spots follow Nadia Lim cooking ‘red soup’, the leftover water that cheerios have been boiled in; Peter Gordon who cooks ‘beef ragout’, a mix of only boiled water and mince; Allyson Gofton who makes tomato risotto, with just rice and tomato sauce; while Michael Van de Elzen’s Bouillon de Poulet is a chicken frame boiled in water.

DDB ECD Gary Steele says that the challenge was to create a call to action that resonated with all Kiwis.

“The message needed to be disruptive and raw, really hitting home that every day in New Zealand, children will go hungry unless we all work together to donate and generate change.

“We want the campaign to educate and unify the nation, we need to look out for one another.”

The campaign rolled out in 4 x 45” spots, supported by print, digital and social.

View the spots:


Client: KidsCan
CEO & Founder: Julie Chapman
GM Marketing & Commercial Projects: Rachel Morrison
Brand Manager: Leigh Jeffs
External Media Specialist: Sarah Stewart
Agency: DDB
Regional Chief Creative Officer Australia & New Zealand: Damon Stapleton
ECD: Gary Steele
Creative Directors: Christie Cooper & James Conner
Art Director: Grace Bader
Copywriter: Angella Dravid
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Senior Producer: Samantha Royal
Group Business Director: Annabel Rees
Senior Business Manager: Georgie Levitt
Business Coordinator: Margot Rudolph
Senior Planner: Thinza Mon
PR Account Director: Max Burt
Production Company: Exit
Executive Producer: Decland Cahill
Director: Felicity Morgan-Rhind
DOP: Richard Harling
Post Production Company: DDB
Offline Editor: Simon Murtagh, DDB
Colourist: Pete Ritchie

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