How to get the best out of your voice artist

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To help creatives handle their first voice bookings like a pro, Envy Studios executive producer Samantha Jukes spoke with six of Auckland’s busiest voice artists – three new to the market and three of the top brass – and asked them what helps them deliver their best.

“When you’re playing with a layout, a shot or a sound effect, life’s pretty straightforward,” Jukes says. “Reduce the opacity by 25%, you’re 25% less opaque. Zoom in to cut out the tree; no tree. Add a quack; you’ve got a duck.

“But when you’re dealing with a voice, your artist’s clay is human material, with all its magic, its foibles, its ego, insecurities, emotion and inspiration.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up with an embarrassing .wav where your Orca should be. But get it right (get it right, my friends) and you may just end up with an inspired voice artist, an impressed creative director, a happy client and a very good time along the way.”

So what do you say and do to get your voice artist to deliver the performance you have in your head? How do you get them to perform beyond the brief and bring their own magic to your work?

And finally, how do you do this while being respectful to your voice talent, so you all leave feeling good?

This is really useful stuff from Envy (formerly Auckland Audio). Click here to see what you can learn from those six Auckland voice artists (“kept anonymous to protect the innocent”):

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