Hyper drops Media 

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AUCKLAND, Monday: After almost 11 years, specialist retail marketing agency and media owner Hypermedia is rebranding to better reflect its offer to the market.

CEO Ben Partington says dropping the word media from the name frees the agency from the narrow perception it was exclusively engaged in media sales.

“The word ‘Media’ is used by a wide range of communications businesses and has become somewhat ambiguous,” Partington said.

“It has never sufficiently represented the full spectrum of our service offering or value to our customers which spans far beyond just media placement in close proximity to retail.

“We wanted some level of continuity from the rebrand, a new vibe but portraying the same level of energy. Consolidating to Hyper was the obvious choice. Retain some brand equity, move forward with a renewed vision and purpose.

“With a new name, office, website, and some important announcements still to come, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year.”

“Dropping the word ‘media’ doesn’t mean the business isn’t focused on continuing to grow its already sizable retail-focused media portfolio in shopping centres, supermarkets, fuel stations and liquor stores nationwide.

“If anything, it simply underlines efforts to reinforce the businesses complementary services like retail experience consulting, shopper marketing, field operations and digital signage.

“This wide and unique array of skills and services places Hyper in a prime position to help retailers and consumer brands navigate the challenges of the changing retail landscape and digital age.

“We’ve recently increased our headcount, grown our client list and expanded our offer. With a new name, office, website, as well as some important appointments and announcements still to come, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year for our team and clients.

“Hyper specialises in retail marketing innovation for New Zealand retailers and consumer brands.”

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