Hyper and Liquorland launch POS media programme to complement digital screen network

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AUCKLAND, Today: Retail media solutions provider Hyper and Liquorland have launched the Liquorland POS Media programme, set to debut in October.

Hyper ceo Ben Partington said: “This initiative is designed to complement the highly successful digital screen network and offers Liquorland suppliers another exceptional opportunity to engage consumers at the point of purchase.

“Liquorland’s premium liquor retail environment already features Hyper’s state-of-the-art digital screens. Since launch in September last year, the screen network has hosted a diverse mix of local and global liquor brands as well as a range of non-supplier advertisers. 

“These dynamic displays have demonstrated a remarkable ability to captivate shoppers and drive action. Now, with the introduction of the POS Media programme, Hyper sets its sights on taking awareness and conversion to the next level.

“McKinsey tells us the number one reason shoppers claim they don’t by brands they’ve seen advertised is because they can’t find them. This initiative is all about solving that specific problem. Our intention is to help brands capitalise on the awareness generated by their above-the-line campaigns and in-store digital activity by signposting the products location at shelf where shoppers are making their buying decisions.

“This initiative is designed to complement the highly successful digital screen network.”

“Starting from October 1, Liquorland stores will offer a suite of impactful POS formats in and around shelf. These include eye-catching banners, wobblers, brand spotters, and a variety of impactful decals – all strategically positioned to influence shoppers precisely where purchasing decisions are made.

“Liquorland’s POS Media programme offers the same targeting benefits and post-campaign insights as the digital programme, providing suppliers with a comprehensive understanding of their advertising performance.”

Liquorland head of marketing & CX Angela Hurst said: “We’re pleased to launch the second phase of the Liquorland retail media programme and just in time for our key trading period.

“We look forward to seeing the creativity that our supplier partners will bring to our stores and the impact the POSM will have on brand awareness, shopper navigation and conversion.”

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Hyper is an independent retail media solutions provider that helps advertisers better engage and convert their customers in retail environments nationwide.

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