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Colenso has asked us to update yesterday’s story about how Tip Top ice cream makes people more generous – this update includes information about the film company, post and audio houses, and the client. This information was not available when M+AD came out. Read on … 

Purely in the interests of science, Colenso BBDO and Tip Top descended on Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter to conduct an experiment that seems to prove that eating ice cream affects the same part of your brain as listening to your favourite song or winning the lottery.

Researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry in London found that one spoonful could stimulate an immediate and positive effect on the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex. To put it simply, ice cream makes you feel good. Or, as New Zealand’s most popular ice cream maker likes to say, ice cream makes you Feel Tip Top.

And when you Feel Tip Top, the sky seems bluer, the sun sunnier, the opposite sex sexier, you could say life is just better.

So, for their latest campaign Tip Top and Colenso BBDO are out to test the hypothesis that everything is better when you Feel Tip Top.

They’re conducting a series of ‘social experiments’ on unsuspecting members of the public to find out whether ice cream can make people more generous, more productive, more open to enjoyment, or even luckier in love.

They’re also asking consumers to help. Kiwis can apply online for free ice cream grants to do their own home experiments, like finding out if dating goes better or if their selfies are more popular when they Feel Tip Top.

“We thought it would be great to prove that our ice cream is not only delicious but makes people respond to situations in a more positive frame of mind,” said Tip Top group marketing director Minna Reinikkala. “We know that having a Jelly Tip during a meeting instantly lightens our mood in the office, so we wondered could it do the same in another environment.”

Steve Cochran, ECD at Colenso BBDO said: “We love the idea that ice cream can actually improve your mood and make people more positive and experiences more enjoyable. You know, what if everyone reading this article had had an ice cream first? The following blog comments might all be positive. Imagine that.”

The ‘research’ is fronted by writer/comedian Guy Montgomery and produced by Sunday Punch. Radio, outdoor, digital media and local activations will all encourage people to participate and contribute their own findings on Facebook, where the campaign is centred.



Agency: Colenso BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copy Writer: Oriel Davis-Lyons
Art Director: Beth O’Brien
Group Account Director: Richard Birkby
Planner: Sarah Oberman
Executive Producer: Tim Freeman
Production Company: Sunday Punch
Post Production: Toybox
Audio: Liquid Studios
Client: Tip Top
Group Marketing Manager: Minna Reinikkala
Senior Brand Manager: Natacha Clark.

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