iHeartRadio launches digital audience targeting across all stations

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iHeartRadio has extended its advertising offering to now allow advertisers to reach their customers on a granular level, using digital audience targeting, describing it as “a first for NZ radio”.

This latest launch rounds out the NZME audience targeting portfolio and adds another layer to the commercial data applications from the NZME data lake. While the technology has been previously available on other NZME digital platforms, it now allows targeting for live broadcast radio and digital radio in New Zealand.

“iHeartRadio continues to grow, reaching a record audience of 315,949 listeners in March, who tuned in to live radio and custom artist radio stations all over the country,” said NZME chief commercial officer Laura Maxwell.

“The audience iHeartRadio attracts is incredibly diverse, with listeners of all ages, life stages and backgrounds hitting the red app icon.”

Tailored audience
“With such a range of listeners, advertisers are now able to reach their specific, tailored audience,” Maxwell says. “They are able to engage with their customers while they tune into their regular breakfast show, catch up on the news or play one of iHeartRadio’s custom artist radio stations.”

iHeartRadio groups users’ first-party data based on gender, age, location and listening behaviour. Audio ads can then be created and placed specifically to talk directly to a chosen audience, based on an advertiser’s defined target.

“This is an advantage for advertisers wanting to target multiple markets at any given time, but just as effective for niche businesses who know exactly who they want to hear their ads,” Maxwell said.

“Advertisers can have multiple creative variations running simultaneously, allowing different languages, messages and styles, to speak to different audience groups.”

Adspend revolution
Maxwell says radio advertising can now be purchased as digital impressions on a CPM basis, which aligns with other digital platform buys and makes it easier to plan, book, buy and report.

She believes applying the technology to radio will revolutionise how advertisers spend their dollars.

“The targeting software will allow advertisers to get closer to their radio audience than ever before and plan it like they do digital campaigns. Five different ads can be heard by five different groups – advertisers no longer have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Combined, our broadcast radio, digital and print platforms give advertisers a strong arsenal for their creative campaigns.”

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