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AUCKLAND, Today: Kingsland-based advertising photographer Lee Howell opens his latest exhibition – Dear Grief – in the city on Wednesday.

The exhibition is an exploration into the topic of grief, showcasing large-format portraits of real Kiwis alongside their handwritten letters to grief.

Howell says: “This project came from knowing a wonderful young lady that wanted to give back to a charity that shaped her life – you can hear her message to grief in the video).

“The charity, Kenzies Gift, provided support for her and many children, young people and families like her that have been affected by serious illness or bereavement.”

The show is free to attend.

“It’s a unique way for you to explore the very real story and impact of grief and support this incredible charity,” Howell says.

“We were also honoured to receive a message of support from The Duke of Cambridge, which you can see at the exhibition.”

“The Dear Grief campaign is extra special this year as it’s been timed to coincide with Kenzie’s 18th birthday (on the Sunday). There will be ways to donate on the night including purchasing sessions for a family in need.

“Grief doesn’t discriminate; it comes to visit us all at some point.”

“There is also the opportunity to write your own letter to grief, which will be displayed at the exhibition and on our online gallery.

“I thrive on photographing people, it really is a team event. The trust and honesty I have witnessed while capturing the Dear Grief portraits was truly honouring. Thank you to everyone that shared their story and allowed me to document their vulnerability.

“What I have learned from being involved with this wonderful project? Grief doesn’t discriminate; it comes to visit us all at some point. So talk about it, share stories, be kind, as you never know what someone is going through.’

The exhibition is open all weekend.


  • Opening night: Thursday 19 Nov (7pm – 10pm)
  • Friday 20 Nov (10am-8pm)
  • Saturday 21 Nov (10am-4pm)
  • Sunday 22 Nov (10am-3pm)

At the Tuesday Club, 42 Airedale St, Auckland.

About Lee Howell
Howell grew up in the UK where he first embarked on a career in automotive engineering that took him to Formula One as a race team mechanic. After being inspired by his brother’s travel images, he bought his first SLR camera in 2002 and began teaching himself to shoot.

After moving to New Zealand in 2006 he put down the spanners in favour of a fulltime career behind the camera. Since then he’s developed a reputation for producing high-quality, professional images for corporate, editorial and advertising clients.

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