In training for a Cannes Lion?

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“The young filmmakers really loved and appreciated your last article on their Halloween short film, The List,” emails Jade Alexander of Alexander PR Parnell, who believes writer/director Jack Lockhart is a potential star TVC director.

“They received tonnes of feedback from sharing the article about Wellington TV/film studio RandomWorld [scroll down for the link], and wanted to update you on their newest short film release – the first episode of an eighties action comedy series, Jake Nightrider: Shadow Warrior.

“After three years of searching, Jake Nightrider has finally hunted down Max Deathclaw, the man who killed his wife – but Jake will soon discover that all is not as it seems …”

Lockhart said: “We wanted to make this short since we are all big fans of ’80s action movies, and we really wanted to capture a sort of arcade-game feeling on film. I wrote the first draft of the script in late 2016, and we began shooting in August 2017, and finished up just last month. I wrote and directed the film, as well as playing the main role.

“Becky Lane played the other role as well as serving as camera operator, Matilda White was our First Assistant Director and managed the whole shoot, Jasmine Greenwood was our Boom operator and on set audio engineer, and Charlie Phillips was our key grip on set.”

“This short also serves as the first instalment in a series that will be released over the next few years.”

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