NZME launches new Flava brand campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: Flava is staying true to its “old-school hip hop and R’n’B roots”, in the NZME station’s first campaign – produced entirely in-house – since 2020.

The campaign sees the new Flava lineup and a new branding look, styled by Dan Ahwa from NZME’s NZ Herald insert magazine Viva.

NZME audio marketing GM Gemma Vovchenko said: “Thanks to Ahwa’s unique style, the campaign is distinctive and is sure to stand out in the market.

“This campaign is unlike anything listeners will have seen from the station before. We’re extremely fortunate to have incredible talent across the NZME stable, like Dan, that we can bring in to develop these campaigns and take them to the next level.”

“This is unlike anything listeners will have seen from the station before.”

“The fresh new look is now live with a campaign across out-of-home, social and online, including a new brand video which embraces a bespoke, uniquely Flava track to reflect its old-school hip hop and R’n’B vibe.

Flava content director Marty Hehewerth said: “The campaign reflects the new lineup while paying homage to the throwback music Flava listeners know and love.

“It’s fantastic to see a campaign that reflects our new team and the uniqueness of Flava Old School so seamlessly. We’re excited to be finally sharing this with our audience – particularly in Auckland, where we have more than 122,000 listeners.”

“On average, 55,000 devices tune in to Flava each month via NZME’s digital radio platform iHeartRadio, and listeners generated 1.4 million total listening hours last year. There are 250,000 active listening sessions each month on average.”


GM Marketing: Sheryl Dunlop
Senior Marketing Manager – Audio: Jennifer Pryor
Creative Manager: John Pelasio
Creative Manager: Xanthe Williams
Creative & Fashion Director: Dan Ahwa
Photography: Reagan Butler
Audio Engineer & Video Editor: Evan Paea
Senior Video Editor: Allan George
Video Editor & Motion Graphics: Susan Bridges

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