InMobi & Digital Commons join forces in NZ

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InMobi, perhaps the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform, has forged a partnership with Auckland-based indie marketing agency Digital Commons.

“This partnership will help agencies and advertisers in New Zealand leverage InMobi’s cutting-edge mobile advertising technology to engage users across its global network of premium apps,” said Singapore-based InMobi APAC managing director Jayesh Easwaramony.

“This will give Digital Commons access to InMobi’s full stack of mobile-first solutions including innovative video ad formats and unique consumer profiles built on rich first-party and third-party data.

“This empowers brands to reach the right audience, maximising the value of a clients’ media buying investments.”

InMobi reaches 1.5 billion unique users worldwide, including 1.6 million users in New Zealand.

InMobi has also partnered with industry leaders such as Integral Ad Science and Moat for independent viewability verification and attention measurement, and delivers ads that are twice as viewable than the industry standards for in-app video ads.

Mobile advertising is expected to grow in New Zealand by 32% in 2018, according to the e-marketer Global Ad Spends Report. With in-app advertising projected to contribute to over 90% of all mobile advertising spends by next year, advertisers are expected to increasingly leverage mobile as the primary medium to engage consumers, especially through the use of mobile video.

“Digital Commons is excited to be working with InMobi in the NZ market and we have already seen some great results,” said managing partner Johanna Cotter who, with Lisa Ison, founded the company in 2016.

“With the SDK in-app video solution InMobi offers, we are now able to deliver 90%+ viewability and 70%+ video completion rates on mobile – 3rd party verified, so expect to see good mobile advertising growth in the next few months.”

Jayesh Easwaramony said: “InMobi now has a strong ally in Digital Commons, who brings equal amount of commitment to excellence with its in-depth market understanding, rich digital expertise and our vision for mobile advertising centred around the end user.

“This partnership extends our regional coverage and allows advertisers to access our mobile-first advertising solutions for any mobile marketing challenge they might be facing.”

About InMobi
InMobi is a global mobile advertising platform that specialises in delivering the best ROI for mobile marketers. A mobile-first and mobile-only platform, InMobi has been pioneering the next generation of ad experiences, including video advertising, on the back of deep learning based optimization engines. InMobi platforms help brands, performance marketers and app publishers engage mobile users across different stages of their lifecycle, converting each mobile moment into an opportunity to drive engagement and revenue.

About Digital Commons:
A New Zealand start-up, Digital Commons is owned by two experienced digital solutions experts, Lisa Ison and Johanna Cotter.

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