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AUCKLAND, Today: Poster campaigns may be on hold right now, but creativity never sleeps. In the latest of its ongoing interviews with Phantom insiders, the billstickers’ website peeked inside the seething brain of Jono Cole.

Coles’ official title is creative lead. Before starting at Phantom Billstickers he designed kitchens at Placemakers. These days, he cooks up ideas and juggles all kinds of creative tasks inside the business.

Phantom asked him to expand on that topic for its latest newsletter. Read on to find out how burgers, late-night revellers and clunky infomercials all provide inspiration …

“Creative lead is an in-house role that covers a few responsibilities centred around design and marketing,” Coles says.

“My inspiration comes from all sorts of places, including old couples who dance together at parties.”

“We don’t have a large creative team, which means I have to wear a lot of different hats and interact with all sorts of people across Phantom.

“Some days I’ll be working on in-house collateral; other days I’ll be working on the sales side. That might mean coming up with batshit-crazy Phantom Labs ideas and figuring out how to produce them.

“No two days are ever the same, which I absolutely love.

“My inspiration comes from all sorts of places, including things that disturb me. In no particular order …

  • The really bad late-night infomercials with the black and white edits.
  • Looking sideways.
  • Old couples who dance together at parties.
  • That trolleyed guy at 3am who just wants to real-talk it out with someone.
  • Burgers.
  • Claire from the Bon Appetit test kitchen.

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