Insight sings the blues (updated)

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The National Influenza Specialist Group has enlisted healthcare brand ad agency Insight NZ to remind Kiwis to get vaccinated for the fast-approaching flu season. WARNING: Don’t watch this ad if you’re paranoid about germs!

Insight has crafted a TV-led campaign that gets a powerful contagion message across with billowing clouds of blue dust, spread – just like the droplets in a sneeze – to all surfaces in the immediate vicinity. The campaign is backed up with online and print executions, and a series of radio ads.

The campaign is led with a TVC by Insight NZ and is supported by radio, print, posters, online, outdoor, TXT response, PR, PoS, brochures and a website. It’s also running through medical channels in print, a nurses’ kit, and via prescribers.



Client: NISG (National Influenza Specialist Group)
NISG Chair: Michelle Kapinga
Insite NZ Managing Partner: David Anderson
Agency Creative team: Mike Babich, Stacey Betts, Graeme Fry
Production Co.: Useful Films
Director: James Barr
Producer: Carne Bidwell
Post production: Images & Sound

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