Isabelle Farrugia handbags – the new antidepressants

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Fashion-conscious marketers will be pleased to learn that, with the impending launch of its new collection, the French brand of python handbags and small leather goods, Isabelle Farrugia, has entrusted its communication to the independent French advertising agency Gloryparis.

And well they might – Gloryparis has come up with a memorable sales line: These handbags are more than just accessories, they are the new Valium.

Based on the fact that Bag Is The Best Medicine, the agency’s campaign subtly tackles the fashion universe with its originality, while reinforcing the brand’s identity and desire to make women forget about everyday troubles.

“When all goes wrong, we always seek for comfort,” says agency PR person Astrid Garandeau.

“And nothing is as comforting as a nice handbag. Gloryparis’ campaign shows the pleasure that women feel when wearing an Isabelle Farrugia python handbag.

“Luxurious as well as accessible to all, these handbags provide a good dose of double consolation to their wearers, as well as having their well-being at heart.

“With Gloryparis, these handbags are more than just accessories: they are the new Valium.

“As captivating as Kaa from the Jungle Book, this campaign, published in the magazine Gala’s Special Accessories edition, has already enchanted all of its readers.”

About Isabelle Farrugia
Franco-belgian, Isabelle spent 30 years of her professional life in the communication field.

In 2016, she decided to take matters into her own hands and launch her brand. For her new collection, Isabelle follows her instinct and uses noble materials. The start of her handbags and small leather goods adventure revolves around python. Her first accessories collection are as elegant as refined. Isabelle’s desire is to make luxury accessories more accessible to all. She works directly with craftspeople, so that their expertise reflects in all of her products.

About Gloryparis
Gloryparis is an independent advertising agency specialized in Creative Business, founded by Arnaud le Bacquer and Hugues Pinguet. The agency uses audacity to propagate the glory of its clients at the speed of light.

Every moment should be a glorious moment. It’s on that principle that Gloryparis creates all of its campaigns. Gloryparis injects audacity in all that it does, from its creative conception to the devices the agency creates, to give strength and efficiency to all its campaigns, and therefore bring glory to its clients.


Client : Isabelle Farrugia
Agency : Gloryparis
Creative Directors: Arnaud le Bacquer & Hugues Pinguet
Sales Manager: Alain Couve
Art Directors: Leslie Guilmin, Gabriel Bonnefond
Photographer: Sascha Heintze
Stylist: Matthieu Pabiot
Art Buyer: Catherine Mahé
Editing: Dtouch
PR: Astrid Garandeau

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