Herald on Sunday got it wrong about Jacinda and Augusto

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Agency people throughout the country would have been amused to see New Zealand born-and-bred agency Augusto described on the latest front page of The Herald on Sunday as “an American advertising agency”.

In its very first sentence, the lead article claimed Jacinda Ardern “hired them to film her New York trip” – doing a disservice (we thought) to the PM’s good intentions. She would have known she was hiring Kiwis, even if HoS reporter Claire Trevett did not.

“We saw that too,” Augusto head of strategy Oliver Sealy told M+AD yesterday.

“It made us giggle, considering our New York office consists of five people – and they’re all Kiwis!”

For the record, Augusto was started 10 years ago by Leon Kirkbeck and Michelle Walshe (pictured) who saw which way digital was heading.

Today, they have around 30-odd staff in NZ, and their head office in Auckland.

Note: Since the story first appeared on the M+AD site today, the Herald has updated the post (below) to remove the word “American”.

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