Jake Dennis joins Film Construction

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AUCKLAND, Today: Film Construction announce the newest addition to their impressive roster – photographer Jake Dennis.

Executive producer Belinda Bradley said: “Known and loved for his stature and craft, Jake cut his teeth working alongside top local and international photographers. Working on large-scale shoots, Jake possesses invaluable insights and a breadth of exposure that makes molehills out of mountains.

“Jake’s work became nationally recognised when shooting for All is For All’s 2021 We Are Here campaign, which advocated for for the inclusion of the disabled community in New Zealand’s fashion landscape and mainstream media.

“The images shone a light on the beauty of disability and is one of Jake’s favourite projects to date.

“Standing at 6’8, Jake already has a unique angle on the world, and it’s something he embraces through the lens.

“Jake is drawn to action and storytelling, moving in sync with his subjects physically and emotionally.

“Growing up between New Zealand, Vanuatu, The Sultanate of Oman, and Ireland, Jake’s DNA for adventure heavily influences his photography style. Whether taking a still shot or creating a video, he’s about weaving a compelling story.

“Standing at 6’8, Jake already has a unique angle on the world, and it’s something he embraces through the lens.”

“Whether crafting and shaping my subject in a studio environment or embracing the unpredictability of the elements on location, my approach always maintains a polished yet free aesthetic. I see things in sequences, like a showreel movie.

“His success is a reflection of his commitment to social good and evolving perceptions. From working with disabled models for large activewear brands to challenging stigmas the rainbow community faces, Jake’s vision is forward-thinking and socially impactful.

“After embracing dyslexia, Jake has developed a unique lens of expression that goes way beyond traditional photography and enables clients to better define themselves and their products. For Jake, image-making is more than a career; it’s a means of helping people imagine a better way of being.

“I am a long-time fan of Jake’s style. He is one of the hardest-working creatives in the business. His innovative talents and “can do” drive are infectious. Jake’s warm nature endears his subjects, making everybody want to lift their game. I’m so stoked to welcome him on board.

“He is also a (Hu)man of epic taste, so the playlist and the wine fridge will benefit, along with the output of excellent work.

“As Jake Dennis embarks on this new chapter with Film Construction, his immense ability and diverse experiences promise a refreshing addition to the creative landscape.

“We anticipate witnessing his unique vision unfold in captivating ways, and we welcome Jake to the Film Construction family with enthusiasm.

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