JCDecaux NZ appoints OIS to provide enhanced third-party out-of-home verification 

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AUCKLAND, Today: JCDecaux has been certified to provide its customers with enhanced campaign delivery analytics via third-party verification technology provider OIS, enabling advertisers to centralise reporting in a single platform.

Sydney-based OIS founder/global ceo Justin Singh, said: “Offering enhanced verification using its suite of technologies that enable buyers to track delivery of classic, digital, and programmatically traded campaigns, JCDecaux now has access to proprietary OIS Tag technology to track and verify every single campaign on digital screens, to ensure its customers’ campaigns are delivered compliantly.

“In addition, OIS has launched OIS Inspect NZ, where OIS physically verifies that Out-of-home ads are appearing on digital and classic screens that are in correct geographic areas and in good condition. Inspect also provides true third-party verification for classic sites, as there is no reliance on publisher proof-of-posting images (PoPs).

“OIS has been working with JCDecaux Australia for two years, and we’re delighted to now extend this to New Zealand clients.”

“Nine months ago, we were the first third-party verification provider to track programmatic digital out-of-home in New Zealand, and we now centralise this alongside campaigns traded directly with publishers, without having to rely on publisher reporting. This is in addition to our exhaustive and proprietary screen quality assurance data for all screens in the market.”

JCDecaux NZ sales director Gary Rosewarne said: “Transparency and accountability is a growing theme within the out-of-home sector.

“As one of the largest out-of-home brands in New Zealand, we’re proactive in offering a range of options to our partners and are keen to work with innovators in this important area. OIS has been working successfully with JCDecaux Australia for more than two years, and we’re delighted to now extend this to New Zealand clients.”

About OIS
OIS is a technology platform that centralises third-party measurement and verification reporting across all forms of out-of-home media.

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