Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label Eagle Challenge takes flight

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AUCKLAND, Today: Johnnie Walker, the top Whisky brand globally, has teamed up with Crave Global to celebrate their iconic Blue Label. They’ve created a challenge that’s just as exclusive as the Whisky.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Eagle Challenge runs through June at Remuera Golf Club (RGC) in Auckland.

Crave Global kicked off the Challenge with a premium event, inviting media, celebrities, and influencers to RGC.

Guests enjoyed watching MC Scotty “Sumo” Stevenson, former Black Cap legend Grant Elliott, and top amateur golfers like Harry Na and Cameron Jones attempt to score an elusive eagle.

Crave Global designed the event to mirror golf’s prestigious Masters. They featured live feeds, greenside seating, and branded attire for players and attendees.

With only 53 eagles on RGC’s 18th hole in 2023 and just one in 10,000 casks making Blue Label, the partnership celebrates rarity.

“The concept gave us many marketing opportunities. The idea kept giving.”

Hadleigh Averill, Crave Global’s Executive Creative Director, said they wanted to celebrate Johnnie Walker Blue Label with something equally special.

“We know only 0.01% of Johnnie Walker barrels make Blue Label, so we wanted an occasion just as rare, building a community around it,” Averill said.

“We loved the parallels between Whisky and golf, leading to this month-long activation,” Averill added. “Just like any barrel can become Blue Label, any golfer can hit an eagle. Both are rare and exclusive, but everyone gets a chance,” he noted.

“Many retired athletes love golf. By launching with famous Kiwis, we leveraged social media to make noise,” Averill said.

Jaron Stockman, Senior Brand Manager at Lion, shared the excitement, praising Crave Global’s approach to celebrating rarity.

“The concept gave us many marketing opportunities. The idea kept giving,” Stockman said. “The event was a huge success. We look forward to the golfing results at month’s end,” Stockman added.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Eagle Challenge continues throughout June at Remuera Golf Club, supported by social media, PR, experiential activities, influencer content, and the golfing community.

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