JWT captures the Focus growl – in 3D sound

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JWT has launched a 3D-sound version of the Ford Focus precision-driving Move Your Senses TVCs currently running in cinema and on the NZ TV networks.

The ad was shot at Ardmore airfield with holophonic (3D) sound by Harmonic Studio’s Peter Hobbs.

The new version will play in full 3D surround sound in cinemas and on TV; to hear our version in 3D sound, you’ll probably need headphones (although the sound is still superior in mono).



Agency: JWT
ECD: Cleve Cameron
Creatives: Cleve Cameron, Sam Dickson, Fraser Kirby, Salah Ben-Brahim
Designer: Glenn Chapman
GAD: Dominic Henshall
AD: Natalie Allen
AE: Alex Wilson
Head of Interactive: Peeyoosh Chandra
Digital Art Director: Leon Williams
Digital Designer: Miriam Penot
Digital Producer: Fiona Sheffiald & Mel Grogan
Developers: Thi Senaratne & Ralf Klis
Agency Producer: Mary Wall
Film co: Perceptual Engineering
Director: Jon Baxter
Producer: Kerry Prenderville
DOP: Jon Baxter, Perceptual Engineering
Editor: Jon Baxter, Perceptual Engineering
Post Production: Jon Baxter, Perceptual Engineering
SPFX Supervisor: Hannah Walker, Perceptual Engineering
3D Logo Design: Kevin Hyde, Imagecraft
Online Mix & Sound Design: Peter Hobbs, Harmonic
Cinema Finish: Perceptual Engineering & Next Technology
Cinema Master Mix: Bruce Langley, Digital Post
Mix for Broadcast: Factory Studios
Digital DOP: Nick Fey

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