JWT, Olympus & KiwiHarvest generate food for hungry Kiwis

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: J Walter Thompson has unveiled a joint initiative with KiwiHarvest and Olympus to generate food for Kiwis in need.

The agency designed Read and Feed, KiwiHarvest’s online annual report that generates food via reader interaction.

The more sections users read, the more meals donated to KiwiHarvest via a generous contribution from Olympus.

New Zealand food rescuers KiwiHarvest are on a mission to redistribute some of the estimated 103,000 tonnes of edible food that’s dumped to landfill every year.

Since starting the business in 2012, they have successfully redistributed rescued food to create over 5.5 million meals dispersed through 220 charities nationwide. This impressive number is set to soar with their latest collaboration with the world-leading manufacturer of optical-digital products, Olympus.

In a creative use of their annual report, KiwiHarvest has incentivised the reading of key information by rewarding with donations to those in need. The more sections read the more meals are generously donated by Olympus.

For each section a user reads on their Read and Feed website, Olympus donates one meal. After the

donation goal is completed, readers can then choose to also donate, then share through their social media.

KiwiHarvest chair (and former All Black captain) David Kirk is thrilled at the creative talent from JWT, who took on the challenge of motivating the public to read key information with unsurpassed innovation.

“I’ve seen a lot of annual reports and I promise you, this is the best one ever. Brilliantly visual and engaging and feeding hungry people at the same time! Thanks to Olympus and J Walter Thompson and to all of you who take up the opportunity to Read and Feed.”

“I’ve seen a lot of annual reports and I promise you, this is the best one ever.”

In creating this NZ first, JWT ECD Justin Barnes said recognised the reading of this report was critical to raise awareness and communicate the KiwiHarvest purpose and vision.

“Kiwi Harvest performs a hugely important role in New Zealand and needs to raise awareness and funding wherever possible,” Barnes said.

“This highly innovative Read and Feed annual report cleverly solves both problems in one fell swoop, by providing recipients of the annual report with the magical ability to turn their simple act of reading into a charitable act of feeding.”

KiwiHarvest ceo Deborah Manning is anticipating a strong growth in awareness through the initiative with Olympus.

“Our success really lies in awareness,” she said. “The more people know about the waste of good food in New Zealand, the more likely we will get support from industry leaders to get some real change happening.

“It’s estimated that the avoidable food waste would be enough to feed between 50,000 and 80,000 people for a whole year. That’s just staggering, especially when you consider more than 270,000 children in thiscountry live in poverty.”

Olympus business manager Erin Currie says this partnership is in keeping with the company purpose ofmaking peoples’ lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling through innovative solutions.

“Innovation lies at the heart of what we do at Olympus,” she said. “It feels only natural to be supporting such a forward-thinking and worthy not-for-profit.

“We love what KiwiHarvest does and feel very proud to be supporting such an innovative campaign to raise awareness and to ultimately help those in need.”

KiwiHarvest is anticipating this initiative to contribute to over 20,000 meals for Kiwis.


Agency: JWT
ECD: Justin Barnes
Creative Director: Nina East
Head of Design: Glen Chapman
Digital Director: Anthony Brosnan
Senior Account Director: Eduardo Hernandez
Account Director: Shaun Rush
DOP: Duncan Cole
Photography: Simeon Patience
Food Stylist: Fiona Smith
Print production: Simon Skelton
Audio: Factory Studios
Media: Mindshare

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