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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Global data-driven insights & consulting company Kantar, has announced the formal integration of Colmar Brunton NZ into the wider Kantar business.

As part of this restructure, two new organisations have been created in New Zealand aligned with other global markets, each with their own client bases operating within separate legal entities.

Kantar will provide consumer insights consultancy to commercial entities while Kantar Public will deliver evidence, consulting and advisory services to the public sector, non-Governmental organisations, and the not-for-profit sector. 

Jon Foged, the Melbourne-based MD of Kantar’s AUNZ Insights division, said: “Both Kantar and Kantar Public are investing for growth in New Zealand and after consultation with Colmar Brunton employees, the firm is proud to bring across all 121 staff to join either team in New Zealand.”

This includes creative, operations, support functions, ConsumerLink and Panel staff.

Heading up the new Insights division of Kantar in New Zealand will be Sarah Bolger (formerly head of Colmar Brunton) and David Thomas (formerly head of Kantar), while Kantar Public will be co-led by Jocelyn Rout and Michael Dunne (both formerly Colmar Brunton executive directors).

“The Colmar Brunton name will be fully phased out by the end of 2021.”

Jon Foged: “The creation of the new structure is the culmination of a multi-year transformation of Kantar’s presence across AUNZ.

“The integration of the expertise and legacy of Colmar Brunton into Kantar is a powerful opportunity for the greater Kantar business.

“Specifically, Kantar will become the largest commercial insights agency in New Zealand, with more ability than any other agency to solve clients’ business issues and assist in driving growth.”

Ash Moore, the Sydney-based co-ceo for Kantar Public Asia-Pacific, said: “For over 40 years, Colmar Brunton has been a household name in New Zealand.”

The Colmar Brunton name will be fully phased out by the end of 2021. Kantar and the Insights division of Kantar in New Zealand will operate under the legal entity Kantar Insights New Zealand Ltd.

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Kantar is a world leading data-driven analytics and brand consulting company in over 90 markets.

About Kantar Public
Kantar Public is part of Kantar. We combine expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies to provide the evidence and advisory services for successful decision-making in government and the public sector.

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