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AUCKLAND, Today: Mobile advertising expert Kargo has launched Branded Takeover Interactive, a new global ad format that aims to provide NZ advertisers with a “powerful and customisable canvas to engage their mobile audiences through sequential storytelling”.

NYC-based Kargo founder/ceo Harry Kargman said: “Publishers will benefit from adding this exclusive, high-impact advertising opportunity to their product catalogue.

“This product is a great extension of the old desktop rich media homepage takeover that had previously been only available through individual publishers.”

“Kargo’s Branded Takeover Interactive allows advertisers to deliver captivating, coordinated creative within every ad slot on a publisher page.

“In addition to providing advertisers with 100% SOV on an article page, Branded Takeover Interactive now enables interactive formats and sequential messaging across units for a more dynamic ad experience, plus enhanced targeting and frequency capping capabilities.

“Truly beautiful mobile phone experiences drive performance for advertisers and publishers, and captivate consumers.”

“It builds on the success of the original Branded Takeover format which delivered CTR, viewability, awareness and recall performance 2-3x above industry benchmarks.”

Discovery US digital ops manager Chris Turley said: “Kargo Brand Takeover campaigns are re-energising our display revenue while providing the advertiser with an eye-catching user experience.

“Truly beautiful mobile phone experiences drive performance for advertisers and publishers, and captivate consumers.

About Kargo
Kargo creates mobile advertising experiences that elevate brands and motivate consumers. Our advertising partners fill the ranks of the Fortune 500 and our invitation-only editorial marketplace sets the standard for quality and reach, including 100% of all US smartphone users. With a focus on innovation, our creative team designs exclusive new ad formats that drive breakthrough performance and win industry awards. Kargo is 250 diverse employees strong with offices in NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Auckland, Sydney and Singapore.

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