Kim Ellison exits Stanley St

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AUCKLAND, Today: Creative Director Kim Ellison has hit the road, departing Stanley St for Hawke’s Bay. Ellison has been with the agency for around 15 years on and off, working with several ECDs – Grafton, O’Leary, Meares & Taine, and even a stint with herself in the role.

One of NZ’s first female CDs, she said: “I’ve spent a large chunk of my advertising career with Ogilvy and Stanley St so it will be a new experience working for someone else and in a different city no less!

“Having grown up in Hawke’s Bay though and with Dad still holding court in Norsewood, now seemed like a great time to take on a new challenge.” 

“Having grown up in Hawke’s Bay, now seemed like a great time to take on a new challenge.”

Ellison has joined the Simon Tremain/Cam Ward-owned TW Group in Napier, where she’ll be setting up an ad agency to handle the many companies underneath the TW banner.

TW Group managing partner Cam Ward said: “we hired Kim as Marketing Manager – she changed that to Creative Director on arrival, so the next logical step was to start an advertising agency.

“We’re looking forward to seeing where that takes us next.”

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