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HAMILTON/TAURANGA, Monday: Central North Island full-service agency KingSt has welcomed three arrivals, farewelled one and promoted another.

CEO Chris Williams (via KingSt’s latest e-newsletter) reports that 

  • Angela Alonso “couldn’t resist the bright lights of Hamilton” and returns to both the city and KingSt, bringing her extensive design leadership and expertise to every project.
  • Renee Henry joins the creative team, applying both her previous animation skills and recent quals in design to team Tauranga.
  • Pietta Barnett takes on more (“is that even possible?”); promoted to senior account manager.
  • Theresa West has realised a six-year journey to her and Ryan’s ‘sick-as new digs’ in Raglan.
  • Victoria Cropp joins the Hamilton suits, and is already kicking it out of the park, bringing her sports marketing background to the FIFA Hamilton Host City campaigns.
  • Robyn Henwood is out galavanting around Europe till September. Don’t feel too sorry for her, she’ll be accompanied by three teen/tweens!
  • Judy Coulter is also travelling, feeding the golf habit with a visit to the British Open in July.
  • And, James got a dog, who luckily fills the hole left by the now destroyed headphones, three pairs of shoes and a couch.

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