KingSt taps 2 suits

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HAMILTON, Today: Waikato/Tauranga indie shop KingSt – righteously celebrating 21 years in the creative comms business – has recently added two new members to its account management team.

Accounts executive Pietta Barnett has a Bachelor of Communications from Waikato University, “honed by working in the demanding world of real estate”.

Renewable energy
King St ceo Chris Williams said: “Calm under pressure, her keen eye and precise thinking is key to driving effective work through the agency from concept to delivery.

“Pietta’s energy and commitment to her clients has already borne great results and shown her to be a rising star in our industry – we’re lucky to have her.”

Barnett said her ambition had once been to be an actor. “Now, I want to grow my knowledge about advertising, and my skills and capabilities at KingSt.

“I get to work directly with clients and an awesome team of people to create and produce amazing work and campaigns.”

Beyond the edge
Scottish Senior account manager Jenny Leslie is a Scottish expat, who has been living and working in New Zealand since March this year.

She has nine years’ experience in a marketing & branding environment from public relations to craft beer. She has an Honours degree in International Retail Marketing.

She’s explored the Middle East and India, and trekked in the Himalayas. After booking a one-way ticket to Singapore, she ended up living and working there for four years, using the weekends to see Southeast Asia.

The keen half-marathon runner says she’s excited to see “what my New Zealand adventure brings!”

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