KingSt turns 20

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HAMILTON, Today: KingSt Advertising is celebrating two decades since writer/producer Chris Williams and friends took over the agency (then called Rimmington Advertising) on Thursday 1 July 1999.

“This was my first official day working at KingSt,” ceo Williams recalls. “We changed the name about six months later. After 14 years in the multi-national life, the opportunity had come up to buy Russ Rimmington’s shares in the agency.

“He was mayor of Hamilton at the time, and after a successful 25-year run was ready to sell. It was great timing for us both.

“Twenty years later it’s actually hard to believe that time has passed. From a five-person team we’ve grown to 23, with offices in Hamilton and Tauranga.

“We have an excellent portfolio of clients, some enduring campaigns under our belt and a huge network of alumni, partners, friends and associates. Along the way, we’ve made a big contribution to our local communities via our many sponsorships. It’s been a great ride.

“As I get older, I get asked to mentor other business owners. All are in the creative, comms or media field, and it’s great to give back.”

“There have been so many highs and lows that it’s hard to sum up. We’ve had some amazing wins, a few gut-wrenching losses, two business excellence awards, the development of a huge pool of talent, a death in the team (RIP Konrad Smith) and a group of people who have grown up together.

“Twenty years. Two decades. That’s what happens. It’s been amazing to be part of the evolution of an organisation.

“Over this time, we all know the profound changes that have taken place. Mark Zuckerberg was only 15 when we started.

“As I get older, I get asked to mentor other business owners. All are in the creative, communications or media field, and it’s great to give back.

“We love to say thank you to our teams as much as we do our clients, so took the whole team and their partners out for dinner and dancing at Hayes Common, to celebrate the wonderful 20 years that’s been.

“There were tears, cheers and plenty of beers – a special evening!

“Now, with a highly talented team in place, a new vision and an excellent portfolio of clients, we are in great shape to keep driving ahead for at least another 20 years.”

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