Kiwi adman eyes $1 trillion prize

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Agency executive Paul Manning has walked away from a lucrative career as MD of one of the nation’s largest creative shops to take a $5 million punt on a start-up business in a start-up industry that doesn’t exist yet.

Manning is at the forefront of a select and driven group of pioneers developing a Kiwi medical cannabis sector – certain to become a multi-billion dollar business in clean, green NZ alone in the very near future.

Manning has resigned from BBDO agency 99, and joined forces with a small group of like-minded Kiwi business people – plus a partner who’s already in the business in the USA – to form Helius Therapeutics NZ.

Publicly, their focus is to help lead the charge when the Ardern Government delivers on its promise to legalise the sector – this year.

“In this Weekend Herald Business section, writer Damien Venuto (formerly ed at Stop Press) nailed the story.”

But not far away from Manning & Co’s immediate vision will be the doors that this will open in the eventual, inevitable explosion of recreational legalisation – a global trillion-dollar sector, if ever there was one.

In this Weekend Herald Business section, business writer Damien Venuto (formerly editor at Stop Press) has nailed the story (scroll down for the link).

“We’ve all given up high-paying positions to this, and we’re putting skin into the game,” Manning told Venuto.

“It’s incredibly scary leaving the comfort of an amazing job at one of NZ’s largest ad agencies – but it’s as exciting as it’s scary.”

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