Kiwi app to solve grandma’s problem

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A former special forces soldier looking for ways to help his grandmother find work has created a new app, designed to connect freelance workers with local people looking to outsource work.

Former NZ commando Des MacPherson has launched Qwik Coin — a new way to make money, or to find skilled workers, via smartphone.

The app acts as a local digital marketplace for vendors to advertise the skills they need for a last-minute or small task, with applicants posting their experience and abilities in order to get temporary jobs. Parties can decide whether they wish the job to be paid in cash, or via a trade depending on the nature of the task.

“Qwik Coin is an app to help ordinary Kiwis earn money and find temporary jobs that other people may not have the time or the skills to do,” says MacPherson. “It will help anyone who needs a job or task done to easily connect with someone nearby who has the right skills to do it. I believe it will enable thousands of Kiwis earn a little extra cash, or get a fair trade for their talents.”

While the app is designed to help anyone looking for skilled freelance work, MacPherson says it had its beginnings in a very personal motivation – to help his grandmother.

“My nan had recently moved back to New Zealand from Australia, and was struggling to get any work. She’s a very capable lady with years of experience in various fields, but she couldn’t find a way to make money,” says MacPherson.

MacPherson’s grandmother, Kardi Graham, says she has struggled to find a job despite having 30 years of bar managing experience, but hopes her grandson’s app will help her and friends find new avenues for work.

MacPherson determined there was a gap in the Kiwi market for a quality app that would offer an easy, free and fast way for skills to be offered and traded within neighbourhoods and local areas. He has had it verified by Apple to offer to New Zealand iTunes users.

“It’s perfect for students, travellers, and retired people who have plenty of skills to offer but are looking for odd jobs and temporary work that is nearby and makes the most of their expertise,” he says.

“Likewise, for small businesses or micro-freelancers who need help with the occasional task or project, they will be able to easily find expert help within their area to get the job done.”

Qwik Coin is free to download, monitored, and free to use. It contains an easy-to-read map that clearly marks the location of jobs within the area, and allows users to create a profile and rate others on their performance.

Login is easy with a one-touch option via Facebook available, and users are able to message each other within the app in order to get more information about advertised tasks and skills.

Qwik Coin is now available to download free on the iTunes Store and coming soon to Android.

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