Kiwi creatives aim to fire up US voters

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Kiwi creatives Ben Polkinghorne and Scott Kelly, now at Wieden + Kennedy London, have joined an ambitious campaign to convince Americans of the need to vote at their upcoming election.

Polkinghorne is ex Colenso and JWT in NZ; Kelly is ex FCB NZ, TBWA\Tequila NZ, and 95bFM. “We’d love to send you some more interesting info, ut it’s late at night and we’re tired. We put all our brain juice into this campaign!”

Having said that, he got his mate Scott to write it anyway …

“Hey there good folk at Mad-Daily: “As concerned citizens of the world, we – a couple of Kiwis and a Brit – have launched this campaign to remind Americas just how important their vote is.

“While the world is nervously awaiting the outcome of the US election we thought rather than sitting on the sideline, we would do something.

“In the last US election 93 million Americans didn’t vote. And yet Americans are the people deciding the fate of the planets future.

“We are raising money to run a TV ad in the United States – a plea from the world – encouraging them to get off their couch and vote.

“Hopefully there is something in this campaign you think is interesting enough to share with the world. We need it!

“People around the world are glued to the American election because whoever wins will impact their life. The world doesn’t get a say on who becomes the next President – 38.2% of eligible American voters didn’t vote in the 2012 election.

“The world can’t and shouldn’t tell Americans what to do. But the world can remind Americans how powerful their vote is.

“Whoever becomes the 45th President of the United States of America will become the most powerful person in the world. Yet the world doesn’t get a say. And in the last election, nearly half of Americans didn’t even get off the couch and vote.

“The world is watching from the sidelines but can’t tell America what to do. All the world can do is send a message reminding Americans how powerful their vote is.”

Kelly says the campaign’s aim is to raise money to run a TV ad in America paid for by the world. “The message will be completely free from political bias and just serve as a simple reminder that on the 8th of November they should head out and vote.

“The hope is this will serve as a timely reminder the world is watching.”

The campaign can be found at

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