Kiwi and APAC kids earn big pocket money

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APAC kids now have their own spending power. Asian website TotallyAwesome shows almost all Asian children – including Kiwis – receive pocket money, and they are increasingly sure about where they want to spend it.

According to the new survey, children in APAC are now regular spenders, with their own strong views on brands and preferences.

Nearly all (98%) of the children surveyed in nine Asian markets (Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) receive pocket money regularly, with US$53.80 the average amount parents are willing to shell out per month.

The survey reached 2700 aged 6-14.

The report suggests a clear difference between Asian markets when it comes to the amount and frequency of pocket money given. Children in Singapore receive the most cash, an average of $91 per month, while kids in Indonesia and India get just over a third of that at $35.

Aussies get the most
Children in more developed markets Australia and New Zealand receive an average of $68 and $49, respectively—but they are less likely to get this as a regular allowance and will instead be given it when they ask their parents, the survey finds.

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