Kiwi kids’ TV viewing rises, TV ads outperform social media

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Kiwi kids’ media consumption has increased over the past year, with their total spending power rising to $273 million annually, according to a Cartoon Network survey.

The survey report reveals that TV ads are still the most effective for reaching NZ children, with watching TV remaining the top media consumption activity for kids. 90% of children watched TV in the last month, with most tuning in to watch cartoons.

Three times more kids find ads on TV funny compared to ads on social media and twice as many children notice ads on TV compared to social media. A majority of parents surveyed backed that sentiment up, citing NZ TV as the most influential advertising platform for kids.

The report uncovered a 27% increase in kids watching and posting videos online and a 5% increase in kids’ pocket money, to an average of $402 a year including gift money. Kiwi kids are also well connected, with 89% jumping online in the past month, up 4% on 2015 figures.

“When we looked at the results, there’s no denying that this generation of plurals in New Zealand are veracious consumers of content,” said David Webb, Director of Research at Turner Asia Pacific, parent company of Cartoon Network.

“They love it on TV, but also on mobile devices, and they also share it with friends and create it themselves. Regardless of the platform, relatable and humorous content generally cuts through and resonates with young audiences – a demographic with growing purchasing influence.”

The findings of Cartoon Network’s study, now in its 12th year in ANZ, were released in Auckland overnight. It surveyed a group of more than 500 pairs of parent and children aged 4-14.

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