OOHMAA spotlights Kiwi’s evolving media and mobility journey

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Out of Home Media Association Aotearoa (OOHMAA) released findings from Aotearoa In Motion, exploring Kiwi mobility and media habits to enhance Out of Home (OOH) advertising’s impact.

Key areas of investigation included:

  • Media Consumption: The connection between OOH and consumer engagement
  • Kiwis’ Mobility: Movement patterns and the effects of Work from Home/flexible work schemes
  • Out of Home’s Market Role: Strategies for optimising OOH campaign outcomes

Findings highlight OOH’s vast potential reach (touching 80% of urban adults over 18), New Zealanders’ significant mobility, and their receptiveness to real-world brand interactions. Additionally, the shift towards more flexible working arrangements has naturally led to increased OOH opportunities.

“Out of Home has the ability for both mass and niche targeting.”

“Out of Home has the ability for both mass and niche targeting, a strength that has been amplified with the increasing adoption of pDOOH and DOOH. With this increase in Marketers’ ability to tap into specific audiences at specific times, knowing when, where and who to deliver messages to has never been so important,” explains OOHMAA CEO, Natasha O’Connor.

She adds, “Having the ability to showcase to marketers and advertising agencies a deeper understanding of our audience, the impact this knowledge may have on Out of Home media planning, and how to maximise the effectiveness of Out of Home campaigns is essential for the continued growth and development of our Industry.”

For those interested in the full study, contact Natasha O’Connor at natasha@oohmaa.co.nz or download the report here by registering online.

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