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AUCKLAND, Today: Former Uber executive AJ Tills has returned to NZ as the first chief marketing officer of Crimson Global Academy – a newly registered online high school.

Tills, who joined Uber six years ago, led the ride-sharer’s expansion across NZ and Australia before working in New York City as the global marketing leader for Jump, Uber’s micro mobility offering.

His decision to return to echoes a trend which over the past four years has shown an increase in New Zealanders returning home, along with other migrants.

Tills said his home country has the potential to become a leading tech hub. “CGA is powered by Crimson Education – one of 11 NZ tech companies founded in the past 10 years that has reached a valuation of over $100 million,” Tills said.

CGA founder/Crimson Education ceo Jamie Beaton says the online school is attracting top talent like Tills, because of the potential to impact and scale the new model of education across the globe.

“He will the first chief marketing officer of the newly registered online high school.”

“We are building on years of student achievement from Crimson’s unrivalled track record, to bring a new school experience to young Kiwis who thrive from a personalised approach,” he said.

“Kiwis are choosing to join tech companies that are resources-rich, have a think-differently attitude to solving problems with a novel solution. They want to be part of a high-performing sports team culture that has grit at its core.

“With well-established headquarters here, the team can launch offerings in a market with early adopter habits before scaling unique offerings, globally.”

On the back of Uber’s success, Tills sees an opportunity to channel a similar agile approach, offering Kiwi families a solution to a tired model … in this case, through a completely online high school experience.

“Crimson Global Academy is about acceleration. Students learn in different ways and at their own pace … whether it be to advance their learning as a high achiever or to reinforce their understanding from what is being taught in the classroom, students can now consolidate their understanding and take their learning beyond the boundaries of a group class, thanks to the one-on-one attention CGA teachers provide.

“We’re providing a really personalised and responsive learning environment,” he said.

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