IDC’s Sacha Stejko shoots gender equality campaign for TBWA Singapore

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SINGAPORE, Today: NZ-based Ukrainian photographer Sacha Stejko travelled to Poland to shoot a new global campaign for TBWA Singapore client Standard Chartered Bank. “Gender,” Stejko says, “shouldn’t be a barrier to progress”.

IDC NZ agent Michele Richards-Berry said: “Despite women making up nearly half the global work force, the higher the position, the fewer women you will see.

“Fewer than 15% of executive senior management are female and 6.6% ceos.

“The stills campaign was shot, produced and led by all-women creative & production teams from NZ, Singapore & Poland.”

“The facts around the woeful percentage of women in executive management roles are well known in the corporate and creative sectors, so when IDC was asked to submit photographers for Standard Chartered and TBWA Singapore’s Gender Equality campaign, it was an easy decision to propose Auckland shooter Sacha Stejko.

“She too is statistically a minority in the male-dominated field of advertising photographers.

“Sacha’s talent for capturing strong emotive portraiture and work ethic resonated with client and creatives for the slick and positive messaging of the global campaign, and before we knew it, the location had been set: Warsaw, Poland.

The stills campaign was shot, produced and led by all-women creative and production teams from New Zealand, Singapore and Poland.


Client: Standard Chartered
Creative Agency: TBWA Singapore
Photographer: Sacha Stejko
Production: IDC
Line Production: Film Produkcja Warsaw

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