Arrivals & Departures: Kiwi startup taps KR & Rob Fyfe

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A local start-up that educates using advice from top businesspeople has attracted a couple of heavyweights to its board, reports the NBR pay site.

Unfiltered, founded in November 2015 by then 19-year-old Jake Millar and his schoolfriend Yuuki Ogino, has appointed former Saatchi & Saatchi executive chairman and chief executive Kevin Roberts as chairman.

Icebreaker chief executive Rob Fyfe has also been appointed a director.

Both men invested in the company’s recent seed funding round of $1.2 million, although the amount they invested has not been disclosed.

Other high-profile investors in that round included Diane Foreman, Adrian Burr, Tim Norton, Justin Wyborn and Sarah Tetro.

“When we were looking at who would be the perfect directors for our company we were lucky to go to our investors and ask whether they were willing to come on board as directors,” says Mr Millar, who Companies Office records show still owns a 50% stake.

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