Kiwis get behind Missing Type blood drive

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This week sees the launch of a campaign to get more Kiwis donating blood. With strategic support from Network Communication and Young & Shand, the aim of the global Missing Type campaign is to get thousands of New Zealanders to register as blood donors.

Asuka Burge from New Zealand Blood Service says: “It is an ambitious goal but we are seeking 10,000 first time blood donors to join our life-saving team. In New Zealand, 85 per cent of the population has A and O blood types, which means these groups are most in demand.

“Even if someone doesn’t know their blood type, there is a very good chance they can help. Simply by registering on our website a first time donor is taking the first step to finding out their blood type and how best they can help.

“As part of the campaign NZBS has partnered with some of New Zealand’s leading businesses, charities and celebrities who are all removing their A’s and O’s from names, brands and logos nationwide in support of Missing Type.”

Simone van Asbeck from Network Communication says the campaign is based on the success of a similar campaign in the UK last year.

“It was a massive success; reaching more than 2 billion people through news coverage and social media activity, and ultimately drove 30,000 people to register to become new blood donors.

“Today, Missing Type goes global and the campaign is being activated internationally to raise awareness for blood donation across the world. It’s hoped it will be one of the largest blood donor recruitment campaigns ever.

“25 blood services across 21 countries are uniting to encourage more people to start giving blood. With the support of businesses, communities, health bodies, media and celebrities we want to inspire a global movement of life savers.”

In New Zealand, van Asbeck says confirms the objective of motivating 10,000 Kiwis between 16 and 65 to register on-line to become blood donors.

“This campaign was led by New Zealand Blood Service with strategic support from Network Communication and Young & Shand, using the power of social media and viral marketing. We have partnered with top New Zealand companies, charities and iconic landmarks such as Mainland (Cheese), New World, PAK’nSAVE and Starship Foundation.

“The Ohakune carrot and L&P bottle have also come on board!”

Less than four per cent of eligible New Zealander’s donate blood, saving the lives of an estimated 42,000 kiwis last year.

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