New Zealanders not interested in cheaper ad-based plan

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MALTA, Sunday: New Zealanders are not interested in a cheaper Netflix subscription with ads, according to a survey conducted by global casino-ranking site Time2play, which finds 56% wouldn’t opt for the streaming service’s newest tier.

In a bid to attract more customers, Netflix recently introduced a lower-priced subscription plan with ads. From now on, film fanatics in most countries can watch their favourite Netflix shows with commercial breaks at a reduced monthly rate.

In return, users will get 4-5 minutes of ads per hour, both before and during shows. They won’t be able to download shows and movies for offline viewing and some titles won’t be available.

“In NZ, this new tier costs $7.50 – $5 less than the cheapest subscription model on offer.”

In NZ, this new tier costs NZ$7.50 – $5 less than the cheapest subscription model on offer, says a Time2play spokesperson.

“This price is well within the amount of NZ$10 per month that New Zealanders would be willing to spend on an ad-based Netflix subscription. In exchange, they would accept no more than five minutes of ads per hour.,” he/she said.

“When it comes to account sharing, there are still some gains to be made. The survey finds 11% of New Zealanders currently share their Netflix account with someone outside their household.

“But it remains to be seen for how long.”

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