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AUCKLAND, Today: Right now, every part of a marketing budget has to be used to get results for the bottomline. This was our focus when we built this ground-up sales machine for NEXEN. Sure we needed to launch the brand, but the rubber hits the road for us when it comes to sales.

To help Kiwis stay the right way up on our roads this summer, NEXEN New Zealand and have launched an integrated campaign to raise brand awareness and drive sales of their premium tyres.

“Tyre advertising has become boring. We wanted to flip that.”

The eye-catching Get a Grip campaign launched nationwide a few weeks ago and features outdoor, film, display, social, promotion and new website. CEO Brendon Tordoff says, “Having spent a lot of time at the international testing facilities we know the difference having quality tyres makes and how quickly things can turn upside down when you don’t. This simple visual idea clearly demonstrates the need for NEXEN.”

Creative Director Mike Ramsay says, “Tyre advertising has become boring. We wanted to flip that, with a simple campaign that grabs attention straight away and builds the NEXEN brand. We were also really mindful not to do this in a scary way, but rather create clear, interesting ads that made you stop, think and ask for NEXEN.”

Head of Client Consulting Abi Cooke says, “As part of the strategy, media drives traffic to the newly created NEXEN Point Dealers throughout the country who we support with promotional assets and even sales tactic lessons from our CCO, Bridget Taylor. This is a true partnership at every level.”


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