Krunch finds a new home and more gun hires to put in it

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AUCKLAND, Today: Seven weeks after appointing Bridget Taylor as chief creative officer to bring world-class creativity to the data-driven performance engine, Krunch have added more firepower to their offering with the acquisition of SEO, data and dashboarding specialist indie agency Venerate Digital.

Venerate co-founder Alex Duval has joined in the newly created role of head of SEO, augmenting the media and ad-tech offering.

CEO Darren Kirkland said, “Alex has all the technical expertise and delivers it in the language of business. This makes him the perfect fit for our team and clients. It also helps that he’s a really good guy.”

“Krunch has now moved to a new standalone office just off K Rd.”

“Venerate Digital aligns with the art + science value proposition. It also shares the ethos of real-world, data-driven, straight talking consulting to help business and brands thrive in what is likely to be a volatile and challenging market ahead.

Alex Duval said, “the Krunch offering is so unique, seamlessly marrying data driven people like me with incredible strategy and creativity. Add to that the broad range of clients and business sectors, joining was a very simple and exciting choice.”

Krunch has now moved to a new standalone office just off K Rd at12 Liverpool St.

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