Lach & Friends put Hallensteins suits to the shark test

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The new Hallenstein Brothers campaign has thrown international social media star Jay Alvarrez into the deep end.

Auckland brand agency Lach & Friends managed to talk the dive-novice Alvarrez to dress in a Hallenstein’s “high performance suit” and get into the sea off the Bahamas with a whole bunch of sharks.

Previous Lach & Friends campaigns for Hallenstein Brothers have shown the suits being worn by BASE jumpers, motocross riders and Dubai’s Jetman.

Agency founder Lachlan McPherson says “We wanted to show how well the suits perform in even the most extreme situations. Considering Jay only got his dive certification on the shoot, then spent a couple of days filming 65 feet below the surface surrounded by sharks he came out looking pretty great.”

Hawaii-born, Jay Alvarrez bills himself as a music producer, social media star and model. His website says he’s an extreme sports enthusiast (sky diver and surfer) but no mention of diving. He claims to have more than four million followers on Instagram.

The Lach & Friends campaign includes online, broadcast and 360 video of Alvarrez wearing the suit while surrounded by sharks on the Atlantic Ocean floor near the island of Eleuthera.

McPherson says an Instagram post by Alvarrez from the shoot has received more than 400,000 likes to date.


Client: Hallenstein Brothers
Agency: Lachlan McPherson and Friends
Director: Florian Fischer
Production: Behind the Mask
Editor: Dan Bali
Post production: Jon Baxter, Perceptual Engineering
Shark safety: Ocean Fox Cotton Bay
Music: @Bravessound

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