Lach & Friends, Sweet Shop turn heads with Rodney Wayne’s first TVC

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Auckland indie creative agency Lachlan McPherson & Friends has forged a new campaign to launch the summer collection from high-profile hair salon network Rodney Wayne.

The campaign champions individuality and personal style, inviting viewers to ‘Be you like no one else can’. The promotion includes print, digital and the first television commercial for Rodney Wayne since the business began in New Zealand over 35 years ago.

“2016 has been a great year for the brand,” says Rodney Wayne ceo Julie Evans. “We are New Zealand’s most awarded salon at the L’Oréal Style and Colour Trophy and were voted Best Hair Salon in the NZ Best in Beauty Awards.

“We know that looking great can help you feel great. It can also improve the way others feel about you too. We’d love more people to experience the lift that great hair can provide. Having the message on television gives it greater impact.”

Lachlan McPherson said: “We were inspired by research showing that people make some really quick, subconscious decisions about you from the look of your hair.

“Healthy, well-styled hair gives the appearance that you have vitality and are in control. This can lead people to believe you are more able to complete a task, more successful or that you would make a better partner.

“We wanted to share the insight that a quick way to get ahead of your competition is by taking care of your hair.”

The commercial runs on Mediaworks TV3 and Bravo.


Client: Rodney Wayne
Agency: Lachlan McPherson and Friends
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Melanie Bridge
DOP: Steven Chee
Photographer: Steven Chee
Hair: Rodney Wayne creative director Richard Kavanagh
Music: Liquid Studios
Edit: The Butchery
Post-production: Perceptual Engineering

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