Lach & Friends launch Rodney Wayne’s new collection

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Auckland brand development indie Lachlan McPherson & Friends has created a campaign for Rodney Wayne – perhaps NZ’s most awarded hair salon brand – to unveil the launch of the brand’s #devotedtoyou collection.

Set in Tokyo against the ethereal backdrop of Sakura cherry blossoms and, the campaign is built on the themes of renewal and rejuvenation.

A series of short films, featuring the Japanese poetic form haiku, invites New Zealanders to release their unique beauty with a new hairstyle or colour transformation.

Agency founder Lachlan McPherson said: “A new colour can change the way look, and feel. We wanted the campaign to reflect the emotion of coming out into a lighter, fresher place.

“The Tokyo blossom festival is an iconic moment in the year which is about newness, and revealing beauty. It seems like the perfect backdrop to invite people to liberate their inner princess.”



Client: Rodney Wayne
Agency: Lachlan McPherson and Friends
Production Company: DLMAU Sydney
Hair: Rodney Wayne Creative Director Richard Kavanagh
Photography: Steven Chee
Stylist: Charlotte Stokes
Makeup: Fumihiro Ban
About Lachlan McPherson & Friends

Lach & Friends create growth with innovative brand strategies, advertising, marketing communications, design, digital and social media campaigns. We’re helping build some of the region’s strongest brands including: Hallenstein Brothers, Hyoumankind, Snap Car Rentals ,Healthlink, Sunergise, Goody Card, ilume, HECS.

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