This land is STIHL SHOP land

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DDB has created a new brand campaign featuring a 45sec TVC following a typical DIY Kiwi as he uses his STIHL SHOP tools in his backyard, his own ‘land of opportunity’.

Scott Wallace, group business director of DDB, says ‘Love your Land’ is the new theme for STIHL SHOP and will be the marketing platform for the next two years. “This spot is designed to launch the new brand line and channels the STIHL SHOP customer, who isn’t just a handyman, but a landscaper, a designer, a builder, a creator. They are the Lion King of their backyard – their Prideland.”

DDB creative director Mark Lorrigan, explains, “We shot a man in the forest, and everyone is happy. Usually you go to jail for that”.



Client: STIHL Shop

Agency: DDB Group New Zealand
Executive creative director: Shane Bradnick
Creative director: Mark Lorrigan

Head of TV production: Judy Thompson

TV producer: Celia Rowe

Strategic planner: Rupert Price

Group business director: Scott Wallace

Production company: Goodoil

Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell

Executive producer: Sam Long

DOP: Andrew Stroud

Editor: Rhett Wade Ferrell and Steve Gulik

Online: Crayon

Music composition: Liquid Studios, Peter Van de Fluit

Audio engineer: Craig Matuschka

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